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Do Kittens Get Lonely? Will My Kitten Be Lonely While I Am At Work?

Do Kittens Get Lonely? Will My Kitten Be Lonely While I Am At Work?

Do Kittens Get Lonely?

Every kitten will have a different preference for toys and playthings, so the first step to finding out what they like the best is to get them a variety of toys to check out. Many kittens enjoy playing with bells or on cat trees that have hiding places and scratching posts for them to enjoy.

While kittens can enjoy playing with feathers or string, it is recommended to avoid these kinds of toys until the kitten is old enough to understand not to swallow parts of the toy that can be dangerous to their health.

Once you find the toys that your kitten enjoys playing with by themselves you can rest assured knowing that they will be able to entertain themselves while you are at work. However, if you find that your kitten is still not happy after you have supplied them with toys, it might be best to look in to getting them an animal companion to play with.

Kittens are social beings and they thrive in an environment where they have another kitten to play with and grow up with.

Can My Kitten Tell How Long I’ve Been Away?

While kittens don’t have the same concept of time as humans, they do understand our routines and daily activity timings. This gives them an idea of the time of day where you provide them with breakfast and dinner, when they can expect playtime, normal bedtime hours, when you normally wake up, and so on.

If you break the routine by going away for the weekend or an extended trip, the best thing to keep your kitten from developing behavioral problems from suddenly being left alone is to have a cat sitter check on them and play with them. This way, your kitten will have plenty of interaction while you are away to keep them happy.null

Can Kittens Become Depressed?

Every cat is different, however, and you might notice that your kitten is becoming lethargic or losing their appetite. These are both signs of depression and should be addressed immediately.

Your vet will be able to tell you if your kitten is just lonely or if they are becoming ill. If this is the case, you might need to find more stimulating toys to help your kitten stay entertained while you are out of the house, or even another kitten to provide some companionship.

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